How we helped these clients

1We became part of a major international oil company team responding to complex and controversial social, political and environmental issues in Africa and in the UK North Sea. The company's reputation was under threat from governments and environmental groups. Result: This united corporate response formed the basis for a wide-ranging global review and strengthening of the company’s reputation.

3A UNESCO World Heritage site was threatened by a controversial offshore wind farm energy project. We supported a community campaign to prevent this project going ahead via extensive media, political and expert scientific coverage - with support from Paris-based UNESCO. Result: The UK Government refused permission for the wind farm - stating it was not suitable in this protected location.

4We helped develop the first ever global Climate Change Communications strategy for the Secretariat representing an international natural resources sector of 20+ global companies. Historically the sector had been criticized for its environmental record. Result: The new strategy was introduced at high profile United Nations events - creating positive perspective on the sector's commitment to supporting Planet Earth's sustainability.

5An international pharmaceutical group was seeking approval to market a new anti-obesity drug within the European market. The drug needed to comply with market standards and be seen as medically safe by regulatory authorities. We took the management team through a 'what if' scenario involving each potential issue that could impact the business. Result: A licence to market the product was granted by the European authorities.