What we offer

We are a consulting group specialising in reputation management counselling services to international clients. We have broad experience covering:

  • Six continents – we work within a multicultural environment.
  • Public and private sectors. Includes governments and some of the world’s top companies and brand names within the energy, pharmaceuticals, design, food, environmental and the media sectors.
  • Profile-brand management and awareness. New market development. Relations with the global media. Communications within corporate restructuring and change.
  • Defining, building and protecting reputations.
  • Fast-track training of senior management in communication leadership.
  • Multi-country strategy and execution, issues-crisis on all continents, media relations in the most challenging situations.

The importance of reputation

Reputation is among an organisation’s most important assets. It cannot be taken for granted. A favourable reputation can be built over many years. It can be damaged in a matter of hours or days – and take years to recover.

We provide strategic advice and training on the following:

  • Leadership through Communication. This could mean influencing your most important audiences and maximising every opportunity. We work with management to raise the bar on executive communication performance.
  • Relations with the international media. The global village is now reality. The media can be your ‘friends or enemies.’ We believe in striking the balance between the needs of journalists while maintaining the interests of clients.
  • Using risk assessment and crisis planning to protect your business from damage and allow business continuity. We look at potential risks, how they may threaten your operations and how best to prepare for any potential crises.
  • Enhancing your brand and reputation through corporate social responsibility. We work with you to assess the role and practice of ethics and social performance within your organisation.
  • A way with words. Words are our business. They paint pictures. They carry messages. They have impact. And they can be remembered – or forgotten. We believe in using their power in the most effective way.